[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq server can't resolve dnsmasq leases

Mayk Eskilla meskilla at outlook.com
Tue Aug 4 12:34:46 BST 2015

Hi listMy dnsmasq server does a fine job offering dhcp leases to clients and nameservice lookup as a gateway.Only one feature is missing on my todo list:Clients can resolve each others hostname, but the gateway itself can't resolve the clients hostname he leased an address to.Something in my configuration most be wrong or missing:Here's my gateway configuration, the clients don't run dnsmasq ...cat /etc/dnsmasq.confinterface=eth0dhcp-leasefile=/tmp/dnsmasq.leasesdhcp-lease-max=20dhcp-range=,,,24hdhcp-option=3, the hosts file on my gateway, where dnsmasq is runningcat /etc/hosts192.168.1.1     SRV.ServerD SRV::1             ip6-localhost ip6-loopbackfe00::0         ip6-localnetff00::0         ip6-mcastprefixff02::1         ip6-allnodesff02::2         ip6-allrouterscat /etc/hostname SRVhostname -sSRVhostname -fSRV.ServerD cat /tmp/dnsmasq.leases 1438759931 MY:MA:CA:DD:RE:SS CLIENT1 *Can somebody tell me what's wrong in that setup, so SRV can't resolve to CLIENT1 as well?Regards,Mayk 		 	   		  
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