[Dnsmasq-discuss] Ack with address from incorrect DHCP range when using tags

Andreas Misje amisje at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 12:36:57 BST 2015


I have two IPv4 "dhcp-range" options in my configuration file, one of them
matching a tag. DHCP discovers and requests from clients with the given tag are
usually answered with an address from the correct range. However, if the client
requests an IP address from the other range, dnsmasq will happily give the
client that address. I feel that this is wrong. Should not a tagged request be
offered an address only from the "dhcp-range" with that tag?

I also have two "dhcp-option" options, one tagged and one not. The behaviour
seems to be correct here: The client will always get the correct (tagged)

I can provide full configuration, detailed log output and network traffic dumps
if needed. I am certain that the client is tagged (verified from log).

Andreas Misje

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