[Dnsmasq-discuss] Keeping upstream answers order

Olivier Mauras olivier at core-hosting.net
Thu Aug 20 14:49:14 BST 2015



I use dnsmasq in front of a couple of Microsoft DNS servers.
For some reason, the Microsoft DNS service has been configured to reply
in order depending of the client subnet, always returning the nearest
servers for some DNS entries.
Sadly when asking these entries to
dnsmasq, the answered are randomized and it's causing issues to the
implementation of some services relying on this particular answer

Is there a way - besides overriding and hardcoding myself these
entries - to keep the answer order given by upstream servers?? I'm using
dnsmasq 2.70 but I haven't seen any relevant option in the current
If not, is that a feature you'd be willing to implement

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