[Dnsmasq-discuss] ipv6 dns-server being sent when it shouldn't

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Aug 25 23:11:48 BST 2015

Hi Carlos,

I just pushed a possible fix for this. Please could you check it.

The RA problem is a documentation fix. The behaviour changed. I'll look
at fixing that too.



On 18/08/15 21:03, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
> It seems the IPv6 of the dns server is always sent, even when it's explicitly
> configured to not send it. I have the following config:
> conf-file=/etc/dnsmasq/dhcp-range
> dhcp-hostsfile=/etc/dnsmasq/dhcp-hosts
> dhcp-optsfile=/etc/dnsmasq/dhcp-options
> In the dhcp-range file:
> dhcp-range=set:vl7,::2,constructor:rx,static
> dhcp-range=set:vl7,,static
> In the dhcp-options file:
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,3,
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,option6:3,[fe80::]
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,6,
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,option6:6
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,19
> tag:agua,tag:vl7,option6:19
> In the dhcp-hosts file:
> agua,,[2801:82:80ff:7f07:217:31ff:fe1d:877f],00:17:31:1d:87:7f,id:*,set:agua
> Note that option6:6 is empty and enable-ra is not used, so no IPv6 dns-server
> should be sent. However the dnsmasq log (and the client, of course) show it's
> still being sent, which makes a mess because of the absence of localise-queries
> for IPv6.
> Another detail is that the enable-ra entry in the manual says that the
> link-local address is sent but that's not true; the global interface address is
> transmitted. So either the manual or the code is wrong in this aspect.
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