[Dnsmasq-discuss] Support for RFC5970 - DHCPv6 Options for Network Boot

Sean M. Collins sean at coreitpro.com
Wed Aug 26 18:41:50 BST 2015


I'm more familiar with isc-dhcpd for doing PXE booting - which does have
support for passing PXE information over DHCPv6. I searched the docs and
a little bit of the dnsmasq code but didn't find any good results for
this question:

Does dnsmasq support setting PXE options for DHCPv6?

I do see the -M for BOOTP specifies that it is IPv4 only, but the other
configuration flag --pxe-service in the manpage doesn't specify if the
IP adddress parameter can be IPv6 or not.


I'll say that I haven't fiddled with dnsmasq or tried launching it with
the parameters, at this point I'm just trying to see if the
documentation is still correct on the Ubuntu Wiki that 

>> If you wish to support netboot over IPv6, you will need to use
>> isc-dhcp-server; at present, dnsmasq does not support the DHCPv6
>> extensions for tftp booting.



Sean M. Collins

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