[Dnsmasq-discuss] Contructor and static DHCP

Christoph Rüthing christoph at muppetnet.net
Tue Sep 1 21:15:38 BST 2015

Hi together,


right now I’m setting up my dnsmasq server and very pleased with it. However, I’m not sure about a configuration with the constructor setting. Below an excerpt of my config:






I would like to have the fd32 ULA statically assigned to the clients. Additionally, I get a publically routable address through prefix delegation, I would like to announce via the router advertisements. The config above works fine, but since the fd32-prefix is also assigned to the enp2s0 interface, it is somehow covered by two dhcp-range options (the static one and the constructed one). Might that cause any issues or is it totally fine? I am not sure about tags, if I would like to add a tag to the PD-prefix and another one to the ULA-prefix. Would set:<tag> in the constructor option apply to all constructed ranges and aggregated with a tag of the static ULA-prefix?





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