[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multiple domains with dnsmasq

Jacob McIntosh (nacitar sevaht) nacitar.sevaht at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 19:14:40 BST 2015

I have a simple configuration.

- NIC 1: external; gets connection to the outside world via DHCP
- NIC 2: internal; serves a connection to the local network via dnsmasq/DHCP

The local network has its own domain, "home.lan".  I have no issue setting
up dnsmasq to use an appropriate resolv.conf generated by the dhcp-client
that establishes the connection to the outside world on NIC1 (using the
resolv-file setting).  This properly forwards request to upstream dns
servers.  I can also specify the internal domain name with

The problem I'm trying to solve, however, is that the external network
provides search-domains via dhcp; those domain search lines _ARE_ in the
resolv.conf I'm referencing with resolv-file, too.  However, I cannot
figure out a way to have the internal network's clients append those to its
search domains automatically.  Dnsmasq intentionally ignores all entries
other than nameservers when reading resolv.conf.

Ideally, I'd like my dhcp clients to search home.lan first, then whatever
the upstream server specified, that way this middle-man NAT I've created
works more seamlessly regardless of which network I connect it to.

How could I accomplish this?  I have everything working with my setup
except this...

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