[Dnsmasq-discuss] prohibit ipv6 for some clients

Uwe Schindler uwe at thetaphi.de
Thu Sep 10 12:47:42 BST 2015

The problem is that it "announces" (RA = Router Announcement): It sends broadcast packets with the routing information to the network and everybody interested can pick it up. You cannot filter those, because they have no unicast address. So everybody who is on the network can listen to IPv6 RA packets.

The only way to disable IPv6 for some clients is to put them into a separate network / VLAN. I have in my wireless two separate SSIDs. E.g., Samsung (Android) phones that have broken WLAN chips that filter IPv6 in sleep mode causing push notifications by google not working, connect with that IPv4-only SSID.


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>  Hello,
> Can you help me with subj configuration...
> I have configuration like this
> =========Beginning of the citation==============
> expand-hosts
> port=0
> server=
> interface=br0
> interface=tap1
> interface=tap2
> interface=tap3
> log-dhcp
> rebind-localhost-ok
> dhcp-authoritative
> enable-ra
> dhcp-range=::1, ::FF, constructor:br*, ra-names, 64, 12h
> dhcp-range=::1, ::FF, constructor:tap*, ra-names, 64, 12h
> filterwin2k
> =========The end of the citation================
> it is used to announce ipv6....
> I'd like not to annouce ipv6 for known clients...
> How it can be done?
> is it possible to configure smth inside dnsmasq config, or it can be done
> using iptables?
> thanks in advance,
> Alex.
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