[Dnsmasq-discuss] dsnmasq crash and config

Alexandre Decorny alde at groupe-cac.com
Mon Sep 14 16:32:46 BST 2015

Hello everybody,

We are using Dsnmasq for several years as our primary DNS and DHCP server
Today, we experienced serveral crashes for example :

Sep 14 09:53:44 VcacDebDNS1 kernel: [3801156.651129] dnsmasq[31837]:
segfault at 50 ip 000000000041d5d8 sp 00007ffeda119230 error 6 in

sometimes 10 seconds after restart

the server works again but we do not know the exact reason causing this
the info we got i that dnsmasq.leases file was exactly 512 lines log at the
time of the crash
(we deleted the file for restarting the services)

can these be related ?
are there some config parameters to support that number of devices ?

Can the cache_limit parameter have some effect ? (actually to the default
and there are 70 DNS queries per second)


Alexandre Decorny
Service Informatique - CAC
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