[Dnsmasq-discuss] Only DNS server over DHCPv6

Hans Schmidt z0idberg at gmx.de
Sat Sep 12 09:43:52 BST 2015

Thank you Simon, this worked.

Unfortunately now the AAAA records of the nice ra-names option
disappeared, which I really liked.
Well, I guess it can't be helped. But at least I now know what the issue

Also thanks for your great software. Much better than my experiments
with Bind :D

Am 10.09.2015 um 23:23 schrieb Simon Kelley:
> This is complicated by the fact that router advertisements can provide
> DNS-server addresses as well.
> I think, that you want the Fritzbox to continue to do RA, and the Pi to
> do stateless-DHCPv6. The configuration you give will make dnsmasq do RA
> as well, which is likely to confuse things.
> Try
>  dhcp-range=::,static
> instead of the dhcp-range you have for IPv6. That will just to stateless
> DHCPv6, and not RA.
> Cheers,
> Simon.
> On 09/09/15 18:41, Hans Schmidt wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am having some problem handing out only the DNS server via DHCPv6.
>> I have a AVM Fritz!Box router, which is (sadly) supplied by my provider,
>> so I can't replace it. I want to run dnsmasq on a Raspberry Pi running
>> Arch Linux and disable the DHCP server of the FritzBox. I disabled the
>> DHCPv4 server, which works fine, but for IPv6 I only want to distribute
>> the DNS server because the addresses are handled via SLAAC.
>> On the router, I checked "Disable DHCPv6 server in the FritzBox.
>> Activate the O flag in the router advertisement messages of the
>> FritzBox. Clients should take all non-ip-address information (e.g. dns
>> servers) from another in the home network available DHCPv6 server". This
>> seems to be exactly what I want. My dnsmasq.conf is at the bottom of
>> this mail.
>> But if I try this on Windows 7, 8 or 10 and disabling IPv4, the DNS
>> server is not distributed. The IPv6 address is correct, but I get two
>> gateways, first the link local address of my raspberry pi, and then the
>> one of my router; and with DNS server I have three times
>> fec:0:0:0:ffff::1%1 (up to::3). If I also enable IPv4, the IPv6 DNS
>> server column is empty. All I want is to set the DNS server to the link
>> local address of my RPI.
>> My dnsmasq.conf is like this:
>> expand-hosts
>> bogus-priv
>> stop-dns-rebind
>> local=/privat.lan/
>> domain=privat.lan
>> server=/ad.privat.lan/
>> dhcp-authoritative
>> dhcp-range=,,12h
>> dhcp-option=option:router,
>> dhcp-option=option:domain-name,"privat.lan"
>> dhcp-range=::ba27:1234:5678:9012,constructor:eth0,ra-names,12h
>> dhcp-option=option6:dns-server,[fe80::]
>> dhcp-option=option6:domain-search,"privat.lan"
>> Weirdly, somehow on Ubuntu with Network manager it works, but I cannot
>> imagine that only Windows would do it wrong...
>> Thank you!
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