[Dnsmasq-discuss] No IPv6

Nickolai Dobrynin ndobrynin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 17:12:19 BST 2015


Thanks much for the reply!

So, the network prefix should NOT be in the config file.  Instead,
dnsmasq will learn that prefix from the RAs my ISP sends - do
I get this right?

If so, the log should probably have a relevant message, e.g.
"such and such network prefix has been discovered".  But I
do not see anything like this.  All I see (with your example
in mind) is

dnsmasq-dhcp: DHCPv6. IP range ::2 -- ::
dnsmasq-dhcp: router advertisement on ::
dnsmasq-dhcp: IPv6 router advertisement enabled

Does any way exist to get dnsmasq to explain why it cannot
assign a world-routable address and keeps operating in intranet
mode without exposing itself to the outside world?

Many thanks,

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