[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq treats Islands of Security as bogus

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Apr 4 22:24:04 BST 2017

Which version of dnsmasq are you using? I just tested this domain using
the development code, and got the correct result.

dnsmasq: query[A] patryk.one.pl from
dnsmasq: forwarded patryk.one.pl to
dnsmasq: forwarded patryk.one.pl to
dnsmasq: dnssec-query[DS] pl to
dnsmasq: dnssec-query[DNSKEY] . to
dnsmasq: reply . is DNSKEY keytag 61045, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply . is DNSKEY keytag 14796, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply . is DNSKEY keytag 19036, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply pl is DS keytag 2216, algo 8, digest 2
dnsmasq: dnssec-query[DS] one.pl to
dnsmasq: dnssec-query[DNSKEY] pl to
dnsmasq: reply pl is DNSKEY keytag 2216, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply pl is DNSKEY keytag 55609, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply pl is DNSKEY keytag 53575, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply pl is DNSKEY keytag 61674, algo 8
dnsmasq: reply one.pl is no DS
dnsmasq: validation result is INSECURE
dnsmasq: reply patryk.one.pl is



On 27/03/17 16:37, Patryk Szczygłowski wrote:
> Hello,
> I have domain signed with DNSSEC: patryk.one.pl <http://patryk.one.pl>
> The issue is, the parent one.pl <http://one.pl> is completely void of
> DNSSEC support (and it will probably never get fixed).
> Therefore:
> - . is signed
> - .pl is signed, no DS for .one.pl <http://one.pl>
> - .one.pl <http://one.pl> is NOT signed, no DNSKEY, no DS for
> .patryk.one.pl <http://patryk.one.pl>
> - .patryk.one.pl <http://patryk.one.pl> is signed
> My domain is registered with dlv.isc.org <http://dlv.isc.org>, but this
> not important anymore, as they announced closing down.
> Have a look here:
> http://dnsviz.net/d/patryk.one.pl/dnssec/
> The issue is dnsmasq is returning BOGUS instead of INSECURE. In
> consequence the domain does not resolve.
> I believe it is in contradiction with RFC:
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4035#section-5.1
> It should mark BOGUS only if top-bottom validation determies DS in
> parent but missing DNSKEY in child.
> Current behaviour is promoting a race condition, when the domain owner
> enabled DNSSEC, but didn't upload DS to parent and/or it didn't propagate.
> The same situation was few years ago, when TLDs were gradually enabled,
> when for a while they were signed with DNSKEY without DS being set on
> parent, only to be put several months later. There are still unsigned
> TLDs and I think they will stop being resolved completely when this
> happens again.
> Google Public DNS behaviour is correct.
> -- 
> Patryk Szczygłowski
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