[Dnsmasq-discuss] define IPv6 prefix for host-records

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu May 11 12:51:43 BST 2017

You're trying to invent yet another way of solving the "naming IPv6
hosts" problem, made more difficult by the fact that they change
addresses as the delegated prefix changes.

There are a couple of other possibilities.

1) If you're using DHCP for IPv4, look at the dnsmasq "ra-names"
facility, which can make creating DNS entries for RA-allocated addresses

2) Consider giving your hosts ULA addresses as well as addresses with
the prefix you get from you ISP. If you just want a DNS name that's
usable from the local net, then that gives you a stable address to
associate with the DNS name.



On 06/05/17 16:10, Carsten Spieß wrote:
> Hello Simon,
>> How do your machines get their IPv6 addresses, and specifically, their
>> changed IPv6 addresses after the prefix changes.?
> With RA/SLAAC, i have a dibbler client running receiving the prefix via
> DHCPv6 and distributing it via RA.
> Can dnsmasq be configured to run as DHCPv6 client too?
>> If you're using DHCPv6 with dnsmasq as the server, 
> At the moment not, i'm using dnsmasq vor DHCPv4 and DNS
> I have no DHCPv6 server running (neither dnsmasq or dibbler or
> something else)
>> then something like this is already available: if you have a dhcp-range line which
>> has the constructor: keyword, then you can have IPv6 addresses in
>> dhcp-host lines which have zero network part, and the relevant prefix
>> will be substituted in.
> I've seen this which pointed me to the proposed syntax.
> Regards
> Carsten
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