[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq & fingerbank.org

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri May 12 13:11:24 BST 2017

On 09/04/2017 19:22, Denton Gentry wrote:
> https://fingerbank.org/about.html is a database of OS signatures based
> on the DHCP options populated and the order in which they appear. So
> for example, an Android device will typically send
> '1,33,3,6,15,26,28,51,58,59' while iOS sends '1,3,6,15,119,252'.
> We modified dnsmasq to export DHCP OS signatures to a
> DNSMASQ_REQUESTED_OPTIONS environment variable when it forks the
> dhcp-script. The environment variable is formatted to match
> fingerbank. The dhcp-script we run writes the signature to a separate
> file, though of course this behavior is outside of dnsmasq itself.
> Is OS fingerprinting support something which could be more widely useful?
> Should I rebase the patch to the current tree and start discussion?

Ooh!  I would love to see this implemented!


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