[Dnsmasq-discuss] 2.77rc5

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Mon May 22 20:03:49 BST 2017

Am 21.05.2017 um 23:51 schrieb Simon Kelley:
> Heads up. I just pushed another release candidate.
> http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq/release-candidates/dnsmasq-2.77rc5.tar.gz

Thanks. There is a typo in CHANGELOG which could be fixed for the
release without pushing another release candidate tarball:

+           to include either -DHAVE_IDN or _DHAVE_LIBIDN2 for
+           IDN support.

The second option mentioned has "_D" not "-D". Only noting this since it
won't work if copied and pasted.

Whitespace in the leftmost columns appears inconsistent WRT tab and
space (the diff appears to have different indentation than the plain
file when viewed).

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