[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP Option for HotSpot's

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at solutti.com.br
Mon May 29 13:13:01 BST 2017

     absolutely not related with DHCP. Yes you'll need DHCP on yout 
hotspot, but the captive portal is in no way done by the DHCP service.

     Google exactly for 'captive portal' and you'll find solutions for 
that, lots free and paid options if you want to.

Em 29/05/17 08:12, Jorge Bastos escreveu:
> Howdy,
> I think this is done by DHCP, and if not let me know it.
> I want to put the some devices to open the browser to signin in my 
> hotspot via captive portal.
> That is, when the devices connect to the WIFI network, the browser 
> automatically open's, this on smartphones/tablet/similar (i've seen 
> windows doing it aswell).
> Is this done by an DHCP option, if yes any ideia on how to?


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