[Dnsmasq-discuss] clients getting wrong gateway

Keith Lyons klyons45 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 13:25:50 BST 2017

I have Dnsmasq configured for option 82 for three different subents:
10.192.4.x, 10.192.5.x and 10.192.9.x, all of the clients get the proper
IP's as expected via the Option 82 statements, but the 10.192.5 and
10.192.9.x clients are getting the Gateway for the 10.19.4.x subnet.

We are using Juniper switches and they are setup for DHCP relay, and only
one nic on the dnsmasq instance. Dnsmasq is running on a Centos 7 virtual

For each subnet declared I am declaring the corresponding gateway like this:

Any insight on how to do this so that the clients each get the proper
gateway would be greatly appreciated.

I can post the full conf file if that would be helpful


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