[Dnsmasq-discuss] upstream dns referral?

bjh bjh at powergate.ca
Thu Oct 3 18:15:02 BST 2019


I have a dnsmasq installation, running on a dedicated raspberry pi, 
that has served me well for almost exactly one year now, until midday 
yesterday when it apparently stopped referring queries to upstream DNS 
servers. I have been relying on this dnsmasq setup to do dhcp and dns 
for my home lan of about 20 clients since Oct 2018. As I said, it has 
worked flawlessly until yesterday. I have of course done restarts and 
power cycles to the pi and dnsmasq service but to no avail.

DHCP and local DNS queries still seem to work on this dnsmasq 

I haven't made any changes to my network or this pi lately, so I am 
rather mystified as to what has caused dnsmasq to behave differently all 
of a sudden. As a workaround, I have had to go to important client 
machines on my lan and set them up with OPENDNS DNS addresses so they 
can continue to function while I fix this.

As a complete dnsmasq newbie, I set the dnsmasq up in Oct 2018, with 
the help of an internet article that I can no longer find. It 
recommended leaving /etc/dnsmasq.conf alone and putting all site 
specific config data into /etc/dnsmasq.d/home.dns. This is what I did, 
see attached. File /etc/dnsmasq.conf remains unchanged from how the 
installer program left it, with most if not all features commented out.

The /etc/dnsmasq.d/home.dns file is pretty simple but it doesn't 
explicitly set up any referrals to upstream dns servers.

Quite frankly, I never really understood how dnsmasq knew where to send 
queries it couldn't resolve by itself. It was working, till now, though, 
so I went on to other things and forgot about it.

My question now is this:

What do I need to add to home.dns to explicitly tell dnsmasq the ip 
addresses of upstream DNS server(s) and authorize it to refer locally 
unresolvable queries to it/them?

Other thoughts or observations germane to this mystery would also be of 


Brian H.
Uxbridge Ont Canada
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