[Dnsmasq-discuss] [PATCH] Add dhcp-ignore-clid configuration option

Florent Fourcot florent.fourcot at wifirst.fr
Thu Oct 10 16:54:50 BST 2019

Hello Simon,

> Of course, it involves enumerating the broken machines, rather than a
> blanket setting covering everything, but that's probably a good thing.
> It's what I wanted to provide with the tag extension I suggested, and
> rather renders that redundant.
> What do you thin Florent? Is this enough, or would you like the new
> blanket option as well?

Thank you for the point on this option, I missed it before. However, 
iIterating on hosts is not really a solution for us, since it's customer 
devices (they appear/disappear out of our control, on a lot of sites).

Moreover, in our context, MAC addresses are more relevant than clients 
identifiers, even for hosts with a valid identifier. Our networks have 
some checks on couple IP/MAC addresses consistency, and distributing an 
IP address previously in use with another MAC is probably a bad idea for 
this kind of tools.

So, I'm still in favor of the blanket options.

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