[Dnsmasq-discuss] [PATCH] DHCPv6 IAID should be of unsigned type

Dominik DL6ER dl6er at dl6er.de
Sun Oct 20 18:19:13 BST 2019

Dear mailing list,

The proposed patch ensures that the DHCPv6 IAID is of unsigned type.
This is entirely uncritical, however, as the variable is already now
interpreted and handled as being of unsigned type in
* lease.c:read_leases(),
* helper.c:create_helper(),
* dbus.c:dbus_add_lease(), and
* outpacket.c:put_opt6_long(),
its definition should reflect this to avoid inconsistencies.

RFC3315 (section 22.4) confirms that the IAID is a 4 bytes long
unsigned integer.

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