[Dnsmasq-discuss] Why does dnsmasq append .home to a plain hostname?

Sean Warner plica2006 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 22:04:37 BST 2019



Thank you for answering Uwe. Your response gave me some good pointers.


I don't think a "default domain" entry is coming from my Windows laptop.
It's Windows 7 Home Premium and that version knows nothing about domains. I
googled that and also to see if Chrome maybe adds in a .home if a domain is
"missing" but I don't think it does either.


I checked my router homepage and there is an option in there to pull up the
homepage using the url http://mymodem.home instead of the usual It lets you change the "mymodem" part. So maybe the
request for http://mymovies somehow gets the .home domain added to it when
the request goes through the router and back to dnsmasq ?


Regarding having: "domain = home" in your dnsmasq config. I don't! Also my
Windows laptop isn't configured to use dnsmasq for dhcp. My router gives out
ip addresses and the laptop has a fixed ip as does the Pi.


Thanks for your help. I'm just working through your advice to help me debug
where .home is coming from. I guess I could find more useful things to spend
time on but my problem is it annoys me when I don't understand things.
that's how stuff stops working and you have no idea why!



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