[Dnsmasq-discuss] How to pin IP rage two interface?

bln 77 bln_77 at yahoo.de
Tue Nov 5 18:39:09 GMT 2019

Hi everyone,

I have a network.
I want to have clients in the same network because I want to be able to receive IP-broadcast for autodiscovery.
I configured two VLANs and the router has an interface/ip in both:
lan1: with subnet mask
lan2: with subnet mask

Both interfaces are bridged together and I filter/firewall the traffic with etables rules.
I have a filter that blocks DHCP traffic from being bridged/forwarded.

Now I want to configure dnsmasq to offer the following ranges on the interfaces so I can easily recognise in which net the client belongs:


Unfortunately the clients on the second interface also getting an offer from the 10.1.1.x range.

I think both ranges are active on both interfaces?

Is there any way to pin a range to an interface?

Any help is appreciated.

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