[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp-name-match ?

Geert Stappers stappers at stappers.nl
Fri Nov 15 05:17:29 GMT 2019

On Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 08:53:07PM -0700, James Feeney wrote:
> On 11/8/19 4:36 PM, Simon Kelley wrote:
> > If there's no name configured in the dnsmasq configuration, then the
> > client-provided name will be matched. However if there is a name
> > configured in the dnsmasq configuration, selected by MAC address or
> > client-id, then that will be used in preference. To an extent, what the
> > client chooses to use as its name is secondary: dnsmasq determines the
> > client's name so that it can be inserted into the DNS. If the
> > configuration specifies that name, then that's what dnsmasq puts in the
> > DNS, and it's what dnsmasq uses with dhcp-name-match.
> Hmm - ok.  Still, it seems to me that that behavior is not an
> "intuitive" interpretation of the option "dhcp-name-match", such that
> that explanation should definitely be added to the dnsmasq man page,
> at "--dhcp-name-match=...".
> In particular, it should be made clear that the client-provided
> name will *not* be matched under some circumstances.  In other
> words, sometimes it will "work", and sometimes it will not, and the
> administrator should not expect consistency.
> It should also be made clear that the client's idea of its own host
> name has nothing to do with the host name that dnsmasq will use in
> its own DNS registry, and that this will be most noticeable when the
> client chooses to ignore the host name offered to the client by dnsmasq.
> To be clear, I disagree with your approach.  I would prefer that the
> "tagging" function simply be intuitively predictable and consistent,
> and *independent* of how dnsmasq determines the client's name and then
> inserts that name into the DNS registry.

I look forward to the change proposal.

Decoded version:
  Zero fuck giving how much disagreement there might be.
  What matters is where we agree.

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven
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