[Dnsmasq-discuss] Overriding DNS server for the guest WiFi interface

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I have an RT-N56U (I'm using a Padavan firmware for some context) router
with an isolated guest wifi setup for my IOT devices. This guest network is
both AP clients and LAN isolated, which I confirmed to be true. I have the
DNS set to pihole for my entire network, but I'd like any
clients that are connected to the guest wifi to use since it's not
possible for any of the guest clients to communicate with the pihole.

I've been able to do this by manually tagging all of my iot devices one by
one with:

This works on any devices that I've tagged with dnsoverride, but it's
host-dependent rather than interface dependent.

I've confirmed that the 2.4GHz wifi interface is rai1 with ifconfig and
based on the firmware docs:
I've tried the following without success - it seems like it gets ignored
for any clients connecting to the guest network:
- dhcp-option=tag:rai1,option:dns-server,
- dhcp-option=interface:rai1,option:dns-server,
- dhcp-option=rai1,option:dns-server,

Is it not possible to set the dns server based on the interface?

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