[Dnsmasq-discuss] Single-port mode for TFTP

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Jan 5 22:17:18 GMT 2020

On 30/12/2019 11:51, kvaps wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> We're happy to use dnsmasq for organize network booting in Kubernetes,
> it have everything need: DNS-, DHCP- and TFTP-servers.
> The only problem is that TFTP protocol in its reference implementation
> is not working behind the NAT, because always sends reply packets from
> random port.
> Note that Kubernetes uses NAT for external services, so it's not
> possible to run TFTP-server for external clients there. There is one
> proposed solution for that, it suggests moving away from the RFC and
> implement --single-port option for always reply from the same port which
> was requested by the client.
> In this way, the TFTP-packets can be simple NAT'ed back to the client side.
> Take a look on unique features for go-tftp implementation:
> https://github.com/vcabbage/go-tftp#unique-features
> And its command line client:
> https://github.com/kvaps/trivialt/
> Best regards
> - kvaps
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Patch done. --tftp-single-port is an option. I tested with all the
tftp-clients easily available and it worked fine.



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