[Dnsmasq-discuss] Relay agent + PXE boot on diskless nfsroot environment

Taner taner76 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 15 16:23:02 GMT 2020

We have different branch locations based on thin-client and terminal server
topology. Our terminal servers provide dns,dhcp and tftp services via
dnsmasq. With regular configuration which dhcp leases stored locally,
everything is fine. Clients get ip address, load kernel and initramfs,
mount nfs based root file system and then load the Linux operation system
(Debian 10).

We recently decided to keep our lease information at central dhcp servers.
Thus, locally running dnsmasq dhcp services have to be in as dhcp relay
mode. Unfortunately I stuck on come up with a proper configuration in order
to accomplish this.

We want to accomplish our regular operation with just changing dnsmasq
configuration on terminal servers. We tried such configurations below but
we couldn't make it work.


Can we accomplish this with a single dnsmasq configuration on branch
locations? Is it mandatory to deploy another dhcp server if we use proxy

If you provide a useful configuration snippet, I will be appreciated.

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