[Dnsmasq-discuss] Please consider clarifying the man page about the tftp service

Olivier Cailloux olivier.cailloux at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:44:22 GMT 2020

Le lundi 27 janvier 2020 à 15:58 +0000, Simon Kelley a écrit :
> This is a laudible aim, the problem is that there's no such thing as
> "which option is required exactly". Netboot is gnarly thicket of
> different standards and different ways of doing things, and depending
> on
> how you want to do things, and which standards the things you are
> trying
> to boot support, then you need different options. For instance in
> your
> case you presumably have another DHCP server on the network which is
> dealing with handing out addresses, and you're relying on the
> never-standardised "proxy DHCP" feature of PXE to do be able to do
> netbooting without touching the configuration of that other DHCP
> server.
> In fact if you use just one DHCP server which can be configured,
> especially if it's running dnsmasq, netbooting is much simpler than
> the
> way you've done it. A primer on netbooting with examples of dnsmasq
> configurations would be a good thing to have, but it's place is not
> in
> the dnsmasq man page.
I understand that it is no simple matter in my situation (and simpler
in others)to clarify the doc and still support every possible use case.
Still, I have a hunch that it is possible to do better (though it might
be because of me not having thought about some use cases). For example,
is there a reason to run the following command?
sudo /usr/sbin/dnsmasq --port=0 "--dhcp-range=, proxy" "
--dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,saucisson" --enable-tftp --log-dhcp

In my understanding, the --pxe-service switch is required in such a
situation (as you correctly deduced, that is a situation where another
DHCP server is running), or there is some other problem in the command.
If so, dnsmasq should say it.

But I certainly could be wrong, being no expert in net booting.

> Cheers

Thank you for your interest and time.
-- Olivier


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