[Dnsmasq-discuss] conf-dir load order and strict-order directive

Salatiel Filho salatiel.filho at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 00:44:28 GMT 2020

I am trying to understand the behaviour of conf-dir parameter.
Although I am running dnsmasq inside openwrt, this is more a dnsmasq
question than openwrt question.

I have conf-dir=/tmp/dnsmasq.d
This directory CAN contain files or not. The files, when exists,  are
created by  the init scripts of two other services  (nextdns and
When nextdns it creates 20-nextdns.conf and send a SIGHUP to dnsmasq (
reload ). The content of the conf file is:

# cat /var/dnsmasq.d/20-nextdns.conf

>From this moment on , the new requests will use nextdns server as
upstream ( port 5432) as expected.

Now if I start the stubby service, it will create
/var/dnsmasq.d/30-stubby.conf and reload dnsmasq.
# cat /var/dnsmasq.d/30-stubby.conf

Now we have two files inside the conf-dir.

Question number 1: Since we have strict-order, what server should be
used? The one from the 20-nextdns.conf or the one from 30-stubby.conf
?  I suppose the order is  alphabetical, right ?

Now comes the odd part. If I stop nextdns, the init script will delete
the /var/dnsmasq.d/20-nextdns.conf and reload dnsmasq. As expected,
the only upstream server will be the one from 30-stubby.conf  ( ). BUT if i start nextdns again, it will create the
/var/dnsmasq.d/20-nextdns.conf again and reload dnsmasq again. But
now, dnsmasq will not start using the dns from 20-nextdns.conf  ( ). It will keep using the DNS from 30-stubby.conf (

Question 2: Shouldn't dnsmasq on reload respect the strict-order and
start using the dns from 20-nextdns.conf instead of keeping using the
one from 30-stubby.conf ?


Atenciosamente/Kind regards,

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