[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq-2.81rc2 findings on macos

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Mar 8 15:19:28 GMT 2020

On 06/03/2020 09:52, Kevin 'ldir' Darbyshire-Bryant wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Some findings for you when building on 2.81rc2 on MacOS Catalina.  Don’t know how much of this is new as I only tried it as an experiment :-)
> This definitely looks wrong :-)
> rfc3315.c:1711:28: warning: use of logical '&&' with constant operand [-Wconstant-logical-operand]
>     if (!(addr_list->flags && ADDRLIST_DECLINED)
> $ make
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c cache.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c rfc1035.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c util.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c option.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c forward.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c network.c
> network.c:786:23: warning: unused parameter 'fd' [-Wunused-parameter]
> int tcp_interface(int fd, int af)
>                       ^
> network.c:786:31: warning: unused parameter 'af' [-Wunused-parameter]
> int tcp_interface(int fd, int af)
>                               ^
> network.c:1156:54: warning: unused parameter 'intname' [-Wunused-parameter]
> int local_bind(int fd, union mysockaddr *addr, char *intname, unsigned int ifindex, int is_tcp)
>                                                      ^
> 3 warnings generated.
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dnsmasq.c
> dnsmasq.c:1862:9: warning: unused variable 'a' [-Wunused-variable]
>                         char a;
>                              ^
> dnsmasq.c:1913:10: warning: unused variable 'a' [-Wunused-variable]
>                   char a = 0;
>                        ^
> 2 warnings generated.
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dhcp.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c lease.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c rfc2131.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c netlink.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dbus.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c bpf.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c helper.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c tftp.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c log.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c conntrack.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dhcp6.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c rfc3315.c
> rfc3315.c:1711:28: warning: use of logical '&&' with constant operand [-Wconstant-logical-operand]
>     if (!(addr_list->flags && ADDRLIST_DECLINED) ||
>                            ^  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> rfc3315.c:1711:28: note: use '&' for a bitwise operation
>     if (!(addr_list->flags && ADDRLIST_DECLINED) ||
>                            ^~
>                            &
> rfc3315.c:1711:28: note: remove constant to silence this warning
>     if (!(addr_list->flags && ADDRLIST_DECLINED) ||
>                           ~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> 1 warning generated.
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dhcp-common.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c outpacket.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c radv.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c slaac.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c auth.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c ipset.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c domain.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dnssec.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c blockdata.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c tables.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c loop.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c inotify.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c poll.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c rrfilter.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c edns0.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c arp.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c crypto.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c dump.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c ubus.c
> cc -Wall -W -O2   -DVERSION='"2.81rc2"'           -c metrics.c
> cc  -o dnsmasq cache.o rfc1035.o util.o option.o forward.o network.o dnsmasq.o dhcp.o lease.o rfc2131.o netlink.o dbus.o bpf.o helper.o tftp.o log.o conntrack.o dhcp6.o rfc3315.o dhcp-common.o outpacket.o radv.o slaac.o auth.o ipset.o domain.o dnssec.o blockdata.o tables.o loop.o inotify.o poll.o rrfilter.o edns0.o arp.o crypto.o dump.o ubus.o metrics.o
> Cheers,
> Kevin D-B
> gpg: 012C ACB2 28C6 C53E 9775  9123 B3A2 389B 9DE2 334A
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Yes, the ADDRLOST_DECLINED thing is wrong. There must be a law which
states that probability of stupid errors increases as release time nears
and patches become "small" and "trivial".

Both your patches have been applied.



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