Lease times and renewals [refer to Re: [Dnsmasq-discuss] Secondary/tertiary dns servers in dhcp offers?]

Rory Campbell-Lange
Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:14:15 +0000

On 16/11/04, Simon Kelley ( wrote:
> Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
> >I have the following main config:
> >
> >    dhcp-range=alien,,,4h
> >    dhcp-range=friend,,,24h
> >
> >and lost of entries along the following lines:
> >
> >    dhcp-host=00:03:93:C5:F1:C4,alexy, # (in the friend range!)
> >
> >However the clients (Macintosh OSX and OS9) appear to renew their leases
> >2 hourly. 

> Looks like there may be a confusion when both dhcp-ranges are on the 
> same subnet. I'll take a look. In the meantime, adding the lease time to 
> the dhcp-host lines will work-around this.
> dhcp-host=00:03:93:C5:F1:C4,alexy,,24h

I have added the work-around. Any news on the potential confusion you
refer to?

My plan is to move everyone in the office to a specified mac address/ip
address pairing, monitored by arpwatch, and then give unspecified hosts
an ip address which I will block from accessing the servers through

Just to check, I intend doing the following 

    ...through to...


and blocking alien from the servers.

Is this likely to work?

Rory Campbell-Lange