[Dnsmasq-discuss] logs question about <NODATA>-IPv4

Javi Javi <xavi.mendez@gmail.com>
Thu, 26 May 2005 15:36:16 +0200

> So you have some MX records (for mail) which is fine. Note that dnsmasq
> doesn't cache MX records, so it will forward the query each time. It
> looks like your host is doing an A-record lookup first, then an
> MX-record lookup. If that's coming from a mailserver, then it's odd:
> mailservers are usually configured to do an MX lookup first, and then
> fall-back to a A record if that fails.

Ok, thanks for the explanation i undersnand it more know.
The A queries comes from postfix because this:

    Reject the request when the recipient mail address has no DNS A or
MX record. The unknown_address_reject_code parameter specifies the
response code for rejected requests (default: 450). The response is
always 450 in case of a temporary DNS error.

But i'm wondering why postfix is rejecting a domain with a valid MX?
Well as a workround i'll quit the restrictions.