[Dnsmasq-discuss] Returning the Right IP

Edson 4lists at gmail.com
Tue Apr 22 19:12:30 BST 2008


It works like a charm... thanks for support such a great "Swiss-Knife"
software ;)


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>Edson wrote:
>> Hi..
>> My home network is as such:
>> Internet <-> FW <-> LAN1
>>               \---> LAN2
>> On FW, among other things, there is a SVN server. I wanted to keep the
>> name (svn.local) for LAN1 _and_ LAN2, so I declared on /etc/hosts two
>> like:
>>   <LAN1-IP> svn.local svn
>>   <LAN2-IP> svn.local svn
>> This two IPs are FW IPs. But when I run "host svn.local", I always get
>> two IPs; not only the one concerned to the LAN where the query is runned.
>> This gives me many problems, since I have 50% of chance to use the wrong
>> one.
>> Can DNSMasq handle this situation? How?
>> Edson.
>> P.S.: I'm running OpenSUSE 10.2 and DNSMasq 2.41

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