[Dnsmasq-discuss] Re: DHCP: different IPs for same same MAC

Sven Köhler skoehler at upb.de
Mon May 5 04:15:17 BST 2008

> In dnsmasq, client-ID overrides MAC-Address, and thats the difference 
> between the two requests.
> I was bitten by this when my linux-distro updated the dhcpc, now sending 
> a random id, when sending none before...

Oh, just one more question:

This actually also influence dnsmasq's bahaviour when ther's no 
reservation, right?
So assume some friend of mine comes along and i don't have any dhcp-host 
statement for his computer and he boots windows and then reboots to 
linux (and his computer is configured similar to mine), then his 
computer will get two different IPs, right?

Can i somehow change the behaviour in that case too?
(I mean: changing dnsmasq's default beheviour to: "ignore client-ID")

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