[Dnsmasq-discuss] Possible to set search in resolv.conf to more than one?

Michael Perkonigg michael.perkonigg at liland.at
Tue May 20 16:13:52 BST 2008


I wonder if it is possible to set the value of search in resolv.conf to
more than one domain.
It seems that the domain variable is used to fill search in the
resolv.conf but I found no way to set search to more than one domain.

My scenario is as following:
I have a real domain with DMZ server and a local NAT subnet. I would
like to provide my local NAT net with a seperate DNS (the real subnet
has one). The NAT net has a different domain now (like 'localdomain').
Is there a way to configure the dnsmasq so I can reach the external (but
company-internal) servers without having to use fully-qualified names?

I got another problem too, I set the NTP option in dnsmasq.conf but the
debug output of my dhclient doesn't show it.

Oh, version is 2.35 on Debian etch.


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