[Dnsmasq-discuss] Help Req: Name server discovery

Paul Chambers bod at bod.org
Sun Jun 1 18:48:04 BST 2008

I find the DNS servers run by OpenDNS.org are pretty darn fast. They're 
not much slower than the (fast) DNS servers provided by my (small local) 
ISP. Perhaps you should give them a try?

This might be of interest:

Obviously those are ping stats, not query times, and are from my home 
(San Jose, CA) to these servers, YMMV. Though we have a high density of 
'highly technical people' in silicon valley, too ;)


gypsy wrote:
> Although Orange County is CLOSE enough, the DNS servers for it are not 
> FAST enough. The population of OC (in 2006) is 3 million, and since it 
> is a highly technically oriented populace, "everyone" has and uses the 
> internet (thus DNS servers) extensively, so those servers are BUSY.
> So I want to find fast servers and I don't give a damn if they belong 
> to TW Cable or not so long as I'm allowed to use them.
> And I can't find a good way to find ALL the DNS servers in a given 
> "main" domain, which is what I want... "Main domain" means "only one 
> period"; for example "yahoo.com" is a main domain but "mail.yahoo.com" 
> is not.
> Brandon Beck posted later on saying the correct servers are in 
> /etc/dhcpc/dhcpc-eth#.info but the servers there have not changed 
> since November 2005. They are also in domain orange.rr.com.
> (Brandon, I'll have a look at help.rr.com. Thanks.)
> --
> gypsy

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