[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP-Relay assign a out of subnet ip-address

Michael Rack dnsmasq.list at michaelrack.de
Tue Jun 10 13:47:27 BST 2008


i'm new to this list. My name is Michael and i'm from Germany.

Now my first question to this list:

I have a large setup of wireless nodes. Everey node runs an DHCP-Relay 
Agent and forwards all DHCP-Discoverys and so on to the dnsmasq-Process 
on the main-system. Every node have to ip-adresses on lan-side (one 
public- and one private-ip-address). The DHCP-Relay-Agent send's it 
agent-id in the Discovery-Package so i could derminate, what subnet to use.

In the first step i will assign a private ip-address to the client with 
an expire of 2 minutes (first problem). The Client now can browse to our 
Wifi-Portal an authenticates himself. After that, i will add an entry to 
my dhcp-host-file like 01:C0:FA:00:00:00,net:some-network-id and reloads 
the dnsmasq-configuration. When the client trys to renew his 
private-ip-address it will assign the new public-ip-address served bei 
address-range from network-id.

First problem: Assign an private IP-Address to the Client.
When client trys to discover an ip-address, dnsmasq reports the 
following error: no address range available for DHCP request via 

At 81.9x.14.17 runds a DHCP-Relay Agent with the agent-id myrelay and 
serve two subnets (81.9x.14.16/28,

What can i do to make my vision happen?


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