[Dnsmasq-discuss] NAPTR support planned?

Johan Bergquist XR johan.xr.bergquist at ericsson.com
Thu Jun 12 11:51:23 BST 2008

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>Boy, RFC2915 looks complex! However, as far as I can see, all 
>the complexity is loaded on the client/resolver. The server 
>just has to spit out data. Adding support to dnsmasq is simply 
>a question of adding option-parsing code and something to 
>add_resource_record() in rfc1035.c.

Yes, I know, this whole NAPTR / DDDS stuff is kinda complicated to get
into. But I agree with you that, from dnsmasq's point of view, a
relatively simple extension would be enough.

>The only difficulty is deciding if the global utility is owrth 
>the extra
>code-size: is NAPTR support likely to be useful to a 
>reasonable number of people?

As for the extra code size, I can only speak for myself in that I
obviously think it's worth it. I also think that NAPTR support will be
more and more useful in a DNS proxy as more and more clients starts to
use it for service discovery. My own field is SIP phones, where for
instance RFC 3263 (SIP: Locating SIP Servers) says that NAPTR should be
used as one step in figuring out where to send an invite to a given sip:


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