[Dnsmasq-discuss] Single-file config

Jan Psota jasiu at kkfsa.pl
Tue Jul 6 22:07:24 BST 2010

> > "static-ip-dns" or "static-dhcp-dns"?
> >

Simon wrote:
> But less flexible than dns-host, because it's all-or-nothing. It also
> requires new behaviour to be defined, whilst just allowing the
> equivalent of /etc/hosts lines doesn't. The semantics may be a bit
> obscure, but they are at least easy to define in terms of current behaviour.
As I know you, you will implement both ways, Simon... :-)

And with "static-dhcp-dns" (^^^) dhcp-host file (lines) will
replace /etc/hosts functionality without any additional work from
admin's side.


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