[Dnsmasq-discuss] Is updating dnsmasq.conf supposed to update dnsmasq.plist?

John Puffs johnnypuffs at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 02:11:25 BST 2010

Thanks again for the help!

Very much appreciated!


On Tue, Aug 3, 2010 at 4:49 PM, Perette Barella <perette at barella.org> wrote:

> On 2010年08月03日, at 18:08, John Puffs wrote:
> Seems silly that certain options in the .plist file are not automatically
> updated. I will file a bug report as this is not good.
> It may make more sense when you consider that the .plist is *not* dnsmasq's
> config file.  It's a config file for launchd, telling launchd how to invoke
> dnsmasq.  Thus, the way I'd suggest reporting the bug is that the .plist
> file should not unnecessarily pass dnsmasq parameters that are particulars
> of dnsmasq configuration.
> This way, the automatic update you're envisioning becomes unnecessary.  If
> the .plist doesn't specify -r /etc/resolv.conf at all (because it's not
> inherently part of launching/managing the process anyway) then it'll use the
> ones from dnsmasq.conf.  So if MacPorts takes these lines out of the .plist:
>      <string>-r</string>
>      <string>/etc/resolv.conf</string> (or whatever you've changed it to)
> and it'll work sensibly. (Which, apparently, is the way I suggested it in
> the first place: https://trac.macports.org/ticket/21276 ...  Why they
> changed it, I don't know.)
> One quick question that I think I know the answer to.. You said "Since
> command-line options override the config file options in dnsmasq (as with
> most other utilities), your config file is ignored in preference of the
> .plist/command line option."  I understand that options that are listed in
> the .plist will override the config file. But do the rest of the config file
> options still work correctly?
> Yes, the rest of your settings are getting picked up from the .conf file.
>  The -r option (equivalent to "resolv-file" in the config file) is the only
> option being passed to dnsmasq and thus overriding the resolv-file config
> file setting.  (In a pure sequence-of-operations, dnsmasq IS reading your
> config file's setting... But then it's overridden by the -r
> parameter/command line option passed to it.)
> And a comment/question on the man page... Under "CONFIG FILE", it
> indicates:
> "For options which may only be  specified  once,  the  configuration  file
> overrides the command line."
> Skimming through I don't see any mention of which ones those are.  If any
> of these still exist, they should be noted somehow.
> Peri
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