[Dnsmasq-discuss] Is it possible to redirect domains within URL addresses?

eggbean mlist at eggbean.elitemail.org
Fri Aug 6 09:04:23 BST 2010

I know it's possible to use a hosts file in dnsmasq to redirect to IP
addresses or localhost.

I was wondering if it was possible to somehow rewrite domains in a URL
to a different one in dnsmasq?

eg.  I live in the UK, and sites like Amazon and eBay have .co.uk sites.

Often, when I click a link on the web, I get the ebay.com site, and I
have to edit the address manually to get the same auction on the
ebay.co.uk site, by deleting the 'm' and replacing it with '.uk'.

So is it possible to do this automatically using dnsmasq, or some other

I am just as much interested in the technical possibility of this as I
am of the small practical benefit to me.

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