[Dnsmasq-discuss] File System Access by Dnsmasq

Robert Pollai rap.nospam2 at gmx.net
Sat Aug 7 08:40:44 BST 2010


I am running dnsmasq on a NAS from Synology. The NAS puts its disks into standby if they are not needed and I want to move all files accessed by dnsmasq to a USB flash drive, so that dnsmasq won’t wake up the disks. 

So far I have done that for the log file and lease file by adding the following two lines to the configuration file:


But still the disks seem to wake up when I switch one a device that fetches an IP via DHCP.

Are there any other files that dnsmasq accesses, directly or through the operating system? Is the configuration file accessed regularly or only on startup?

Thanks for your support, regards, Robert

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