[Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP leases in multiple VLANs

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Mon Aug 30 13:59:20 BST 2010

Ferenc Wagner (wferi at niif.hu) wrote on 30 August 2010 14:17:
 >I came to realise that dnsmasq can't register multiple addresses of a
 >single client obtained in different VLANs, because they belong to the
 >same MAC address, so knock each other out of the lease file.

It can, at least with static addresses.

 >I suggest the lease file contain the interface as well (and the
 >interface also passed to the dhcp-script) to overcome this limitation.
 >Would this be acceptable?

Simon has already rejected such requests several times...

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