[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNS configuration

Glandvador glandvador at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 10:34:19 BST 2010

Hi all,

I want to replace my current dchpd + bind server on my small (mostly 
memory) appliance with dnsmasq.

I use the following dnsmasq configuration:

I have declared:

address = /mydomain.com/

where the is my appliance IP. I am doing that in order to 
resolve queries to http://mydomain.com to my appliance.

I also have declared some hosts:

address = /host1.mydomain.com/
address = /host2.mydomain.com/, etc.

This almost works, but a unknown host like unknown.mydomain.com will 
resolve to mydomain.com i.e

Is a way to achieve something like:

By default all requests to:
      1) *.mydomain.com returns invalid
      2) mydomain.com is resolved by dnsmasq
      3) somehost.mydomain.com is resolved by dnsmasq
      4) someotherhost.mydomain.com is resolved by external servers

Best regards,

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