[Dnsmasq-discuss] [Patch] dnsmasq biased round robin for new requests

harish badrinath harishbadrinath at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 06:26:32 BST 2011

> We're still talking, I think.
> Assume you have two servers, one of which knows about some domains but
> the other does not. You query the "special" server first so that it can
> tell you about those domains. But DNS uses UDP, which is an unreliable
> transport, so at random, the queries to the special server might get
> lost, and then the queries will get answered from the second server, and
> randomly your extra domains get lost. Good luck diagnosing the problem.

This patch makes the "scheduler" prefer nameservers in resolv.conf with the
assumption that it was set by DHCP and points to ISP's/ISP  authorised  DNS

Then there is the case of ISP's DNS going down, when that happens, it
contacts the DNS server's given on the command line mostly to answer
the query, as a last but needed resort.

This (in my world) starts making sense when dnsmasq needs to work
with  chillispot  (http://www.chillispot.info/)  for  example,
to whitelist/blacklist certain domains  based on  "business logic"
and for that dnsmasq needs to communicate with other processes using
static shared memory.

> Does that mechanism not solve your problem?
I did not even consider non uniform DNS servers.

Harish Badrinath

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