[Dnsmasq-discuss] Segfault problem with --conntrack option

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Sun Apr 21 20:50:18 BST 2013

Am 21.04.2013 18:34, schrieb Giacomo Tazzari:
> Hello!
> I encountered a bug that makes dnsmasq segfaults when the --conntrack
> option is enabled.
> I am not entirely sure how to reproduce it: on my router (an Ubuntu
> server) it seems to occur sometimes when a remote DNS responds with
> ServFail to an A query.
> Anyway, after compiling with debugging symbols, I figured out how to fix it:
> $ diff dnsmasq-2.66/src/forward.c dnsmasq-2.66-fixed/src/forward.c
> 372c372
> <                 if (option_bool(OPT_CONNTRACK))
> ---
>>                 if (udpaddr && option_bool(OPT_CONNTRACK))

I am not speaking on behalf of Simon,

but please, for any diff/patch submissions (not only for dnsmasq, but
any open source project I've worked with), always use diff -u, or if
your diff does not offer that option, diff -c, because that way it is
easier to review, and also easier to apply should anything have changed.

Please re-send your patch in that format to ease Simon's work.

Thank you.

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