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Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu May 2 09:22:02 BST 2013

On 01/05/13 11:38, Tom wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is the enable-ra option on Android tested (4.xx).

Nothing is tested in Android 4.xx, at least by me. The Android-specific
stuff in the distribution came originally from the Android distro around
2.2. As far as I know, Android hasn't updated anything, and is still
using dnsmasq-2.51.

> I am noticing, that unsolicited-RAs are triggered, but solicited RAs
> are never triggered.
> I am using dnsmasq v2.65.
> Moreover, my build could not locate definition of ICMP6_FILTER. So I
> defined it to 1 through Android.mk
> -DVERSION='"v2.65"' -DICMP6_FILTER=1

The lack of unsolicited-RAs and the lack of ICMP6_FILTER are quite
possibly related, since ICMP6_FILTER is used to set-up reception of
multicast router solicitations.

A quick look in the Android source repository indicates that the
definition is there in the relevant head file. So I guess there's a
more subtle problem than just a missing definition, and your fix has
papered-over the problem rather than fixing it.

I don't have  the ability to build for Android at the moment, but if you 
can delve a bit more deeply, I'm happy to try and help by email.



> Regards, Tom
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