[Dnsmasq-discuss] DNS Rewriting requests.

Stuart Jenkins stuart at stuartj.plus.com
Sat May 4 18:27:38 BST 2013

First off I can see the “potential for abuse” in my question. Its actually
not the desire to do abuse which is causing the question – quite the
reverse – it’s the ability to rewrite domain requests so I can hit a white
list and hence filter traffic going through my access point.

Personally I come from a .NET background and I have a client and server
solution already working in .NET; But I want one working on an Access
point. Hence getting an old TP-Link Access point, flashing with Openwrt
(which nicely comes with DNSMASQ) and almost everything is ready to rock
bar one thing.

I want when a DNS request hits DNSMASQ (which will forward all requests to
my own DNS Servers) for it to be able to alter the request. Specifically if
the request was for www.domain.com I want it to become
AccessPointID.FilterDomain.com being specified in the config for dnsmasq as
an “always append”)

Where FilterDomain.com I control the Nameserver for – hence I get all the

The AccessPoint ID part of the request tells me which accesspoint it is and
hence I know whether to filter www.domain.com or not for that access point.

 Having looked through the man page, and all the options, even to the point
of downloading the source of dnsmasq and looking at forward.c; I don’t
believe out of the box I can do what I want with dnsmasq; and the C…. hmmm
its not my strong suit.

So finally the questions:

1.       Am I right? Dnsmasq cannot do what I desire out of the box as it
doesn’t have the desired feature (probably by design)

2.       Am I right in that it “could” be programmed into forward.c

3.       And if so any hints where to look in forward.c as I …. Well I

Thanks in advance

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