[Dnsmasq-discuss] possible Bug: DHCPDISCOVER no address available

Thomas Kärgel kaergel at b1-systems.de
Thu May 23 10:23:24 BST 2013


Am 23.05.2013 10:23, schrieb Simon Kelley:
> On 23/05/13 08:14, Thomas Kärgel wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Thanks for the wonderful work you did in this project. i'm using dnsmasq
>> for years now and never had any problems with it until now. I hope that
>> someone can help us with this problem or at least help us pointing out
>> what the cause of this problem is. Many thanks in advance.
>>   Dnsmasq is used as DHCP-Server in Openstack Cloud Software. The normal
>> usage principle looks like this:
>> 1. An Openstack service starts dnsmasq as DHCP-daemon configured with
>> "--dhcp-hostsfile=filename"-option. The hostsfile is written by
>> openstack and filled with information in dnsmasq-format.
>> Example:
>> fa:16:3e:86:19:a6,,,172800
>> fa:16:3e:78:19:8b,,,172800
>                     ^
> double comma? I didn't consider that a possibilty when writing the
> parsing code. It probably works, but worth a try removing this.

This hostfile-example is not entirely representative for a
Normally there is  a clientname provided by openstack in hostsfile in
between the 2 commas. I had to patch this functionality, cause hostnames
should be looked up against an upstream DNSserver.

I quoted your questions at the openstack-mailing list. I can not
reproduce the problem myself. It is occuring sporadically on my
environment. 2 other people could reliably reproduce the problem. We'll
have to wait for their help.

Thx and Best Regards,


Thomas Kärgel
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