[Dnsmasq-discuss] Warning when maximum number of concurrent DNS queries is reached

Marcelo Salhab Brogliato msbrogli at vialink.com.br
Thu May 30 01:41:33 BST 2013


Today I had a problem on my DNS server because it reached the maximum number of concurrent DNS queries. It was "hard" to discover the cause of the problem because there is no log that it have happened. I took a look at the code and this log is really missing and I guess it is very important.

Follow my suggestion of improvement for problem detection purpose.

Version: 2.52
--- forward.c.original	2013-05-29 21:34:13.836999570 -0300
+++ forward.c	2013-05-29 21:34:22.837164945 -0300
@@ -1007,6 +1007,7 @@
       if (oldest && wait)
 	*wait = oldest->time + (time_t)TIMEOUT - now;
+      my_syslog(LOG_WARNING, _("Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: %d)"), daemon->ftabsize);
       return NULL;

What do you think about it?

-- msbrogli

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