[Dnsmasq-discuss] [bugreport second attempt] interface=* and bind-dynamic no DHCP answer

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Fri May 31 13:00:43 BST 2013

On 31/05/13 12:02, Natrio wrote:
> Dnsmasq is not responding (tcpdump show it) to DHCP requests (from
> android phone via USB and WiFi), if config has options:
> interface=*
> bind-dynamic
> AND the system has no virtual interfaces except "lo".
> If "interface=" option contain more than "*", for example "usb*,wlan*",
> or the system has virtual interfaces (ls /sys/devices/virtual/), such as
> a TUN or VLAN, the server responds and works.
> ------------------- /etc/dnsmasq.conf :
> # Disable DNS
> port=0
> interface=*
> bind-dynamic
> no-hosts
> no-resolv
> dhcp-option=option:router,
> dhcp-range=,static,,24h
> dhcp-host=c8:d1:5e:9a:45:3f,
> dhcp-range=lan,,,,12h
> ------------------------------------------ end of file

OK, I just attempted to reproduce this and it's working for me, but with 
a much earlier kernel.

Are you seeing DHCP requests via tcpdump? Does dnsmasq log anything, 
even if it doesn't send a reply packet?

Could you try attaching strace to the dnsmasq process with strace -p. 
and see what system calls it's making in response to the DHCP requests?



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